The HousePad is a virtual household message board designed to help you tell your story to staff and family members, with images of how you want to live in your home. Using images is the easiest way there is to keep your home set up the way you like it. After all a picture is worth a thousand words. Into the app, we have seamlessly woven the ability to snap a shot, add a comment and post a note to whoever needs to see it: family, staff, your designer or whoever else is intimately connected to your home life. The images you shoot can be saved by room as examples of how you want things done; or add comments to the images and share them on the message board so your family and household staff can get it right the next time. HousePad provides a private family network that is not commingled with social networks; so what happens at home stays at home. Everything in your home has a home. When everyone who lives and works in your home observes this, you live a more beautiful life.